How to check the Frimware Version on a SpaNet SV Controller


Changes to the controller's Firmware is made periodically to enhance features, improve performance etc.
The version of Firmware loaded into the controller can be checked by accessing the diagnostics menu.


  1. To access the DIAG menu power on the SV series controller
  2. Simultaneously press and hold: Blower & W.CLN & Light On/Off buttons together
    until [WARN] appears on the display (refer fig 1)
  3. Press the UP button until the [S.VER] menu is displayed
  4. Press OK to enter [S.VER] menu option. The Software version will scroll across the screen
  5. Once the software version has finished scrolling across the screen the display will return to [S.VER] again. Press the OK button to repeat the software scroll again.
  6. The screen will timeout to the main screen after 10 to 15 seconds. Otherwise use the DOWN button to navigate to [EXIT] and Press OK



  1. SV_Software_Version.jpg


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