How do I clean and maintain my laminar jets?

Over time there can be a build-up of organic and inorganic material that may block the fine filters which can reduce the laminar jet flow to weaken and even stop.

It's a good idea to check your laminar jet filters as part of the regular maintenance of your spa. We have some videos below that can show you how to remove the jet from your spa and clean the filters inside. 

If your spa was manufactured post 2018 Vortex Laminar jets 200160, it will have new laminar jets with filter screens which can be unscrewed from the front. They can just be simply unscrewed out and cleaned. Video below. 

For Spas manufactured post 2016. Please follow the video below.

For vortex spas manufactured pre 2016 that include foam inserts, please follow the video below.

If cleaning the filters doesn't help with the flow issue, you can also check the Ball Valve located behind your laminar jets. You will need to remove the panel directly behind the jets, locate the ball valve and adjust.
Here is a picture of a Ball Valve to help you locate it.

NOTE: If you wish to upgrade your laminar jets to our new style, Please click here Laminar Jet Upgrade.

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