ACE™ Salt Water Sanitizing System Troubleshooting Guide

This troubleshooting guide is provided to help you diagnose some of the more common issues that can occur when using the ACE system. Keep in mind, the keys to successful operation are:

1. Following all the proper steps at start-up (per the Owner’s Manual and Quick Reference)
2. Properly training the spa owner at time of delivery

The troubleshooting guide is designed to help you walk your customer through the steps they can do at the spa first. Note that the steps specified as Dealer Only are steps that will require a service call to the hot tub, and that these are not steps that a customer should perform. If you have any questions about the troubleshooting guide please contact Technical Support.

Product Overview:

The ACE salt water sanitizing system (chlorine generator system) will convert salt water into chlorine and other oxidizers. There are two main components to the system: Cell and Controller. The Cell consists of a plastic housing containing titanium and diamond electrodes, with an attached cable for electrical connection. The cell is placed down the circulation filter pipe and the supply wires are run into the equipment compartment via the pass-through fitting. The Controller houses the micro control circuits. Line voltage is brought in from the IQ 2020 spa controller and converted to 12V DC by external power supply and fed to the controller. The Controller is interfaced and operated through the spa’s main control panel. The system is open loop and relies on the consumer to monitor the water and make adjustments to chlorine output level as needed.

The ACE system does not have a chlorine sensor. Salinity (salt level) is measured at the beginning of each run cycle by monitoring the current through the cell. 


Operation is based on a user specified daily run time. Four (6) hour cycles are performed daily. The run time of each cycle is determined based on USE and SIZE settings that are entered through the spa’s control panel. A setting of USE 1 and SIZE 1 results in zero chlorine output (system off – on Rev D controller)

Boost: Allows for chemical generation on demand by initiating a 24-hour continuous run cycle on all spa sizes.

Use Level: 1 – 5 (low – high) that represents anticipated spa use. Translates into the run time per cycle/ per day.

Spa Size:  User specified spa size. Enter 1 – 8. Translates into run time per cycle/per day.

Salt level/Salt test: Salt level status indicator displays the following salt levels:
Limelight - low/1-2, ok/3-6, high/7-9 salt levels. Hot Spring – low/yellow, ok/green, high/red.
User can request salt check on demand. The controller monitors the voltage/current across the electrodes. To verify current, do not use a clamp-on current meter. Current must be measured in line with the cell. 11.0 - 12VDC: low 500mA DC < ok < 1200mA DC high •► see page 11

30 day timer – Requires Use Level input/confirmation every 30 days. Any Use Level input resets timer













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