SV Mini Software (EEPROM) Reset

SV Mini Software (EEPROM) Reset

In some situations the SV Mini controller may not operate as expected or display unusual characters or numbers on the touchpad LCD display. This may be a result of the software memory (EEPROM chip) within the SV Mini controller being corrupted.

If you ever discover a SV Mini controller not operating as expected, be it pumps not working, blowers only working for a few seconds, strange or blank displays etc... you should always try the below procedure to reset the software (EEPROM chip) first before reporting a RMA fault. In most situations the EEPROM reset will solve the problem.

How to reset the SV controller software (EPRM)

SV Mini controllers feature a hidden OEM configuration menu which allows customisation of certain important spa control settings.

- To access the OEM config menu on a SV Mini 1 press and hold the hidden buttons (shown by the red dotted circles aside) simultaneously until display shows L.SHD. For SV Mini 2 press and hold the PUMP C + BLOWER buttons simultaneously (refer aside)

- Use the DOWN arrow button to navigate through the configuration menu items until EPRM is displayed

- When EPRM is displayed on screen press the OK button to execute

- the software reset

- The display will very briefly flash ESET as the reset process takes place 

-It is best practise to then reset the mains power (i.e. turn off/on) to reboot the control if an EPRM factory reset has been performed.


Note: All software values are reset to factory default EXCEPT the L.SHD (load shed) setting as the L.SHD setting will have been customised to suit the particular spa pool and its available power supply by the spa manufacturer or installing electrician.

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