How to install the Vortex Spa App

Vortex Spas has its own iOS app for use on SV series equipment.  The Vortex Spas App is easy to use on any iOS device. The Vortex Spas App allows you to control your SV Series Controller from the comfort of your own home so your Spa is ready to go even before you step foot outside.


How to install the Vortex Spa App

Install Vortex Spa IOS App, register a user account and configure your spa on the Spa Net App.  If you already have the Spa Net App installed and a user account set up and operational on your device skip to step D.


  • Download and Install the Spa Net App for iOS devices from the App Store  by following these Instructions. You can find the App by searching for “Spanet SpaLink”


  • Register a User Account with SpaNet Once you have downloaded and installed the SpaLink App, before your spa and WiFi module can be configured you must first register a user account with SpaNET.  Your user account is the portal between the smart device app and your spa. It provides a secure gateway to login and access your spa. Your smart device must have a WiFi, 3G or 4G Internet connection to complete the registration.



  • Download the Vortex Spa App for iOS devices from the App Store


  • Once the App is installed you will receive an email including a link, click the link and follow the instructions to verify your SpaNET user account.  Be ready to enter the username and password for your SpaNET User Account



NOTE: This module will only work on SV controllers that have the compatible software version. 



Q. I selected the wrong country for my Spa Store Account and I’m being directed to the wrong country when I select the shopping cart on the App. How do I change country.

A. For iOS uninstall and reinstall the Vortex Spa App


Q. When I choose commands on the App the spa does not respond, what should I do?



  1. Check your WIFI Connection
  2. Is your SpaLINK App working?  If not Contact Spa Net
  3. If you are sending multiple commands in quick succession from the App occasionally the order in which they are sent can become garbled/confused by the time they reach the Spa.  Try resetting the commands on the touchpad. Try to just send one set of commands at a time and give a little time (10-20 seconds) to ensure they are received by the spa before the next set of commands is sent


Q. I have a dual zone spa how do I get the Vortex App to control both Zones.


A.  Unfortunately at this time each Vortex App will control only one SV controller.  We are working on improvements in this area and will notify all App users of updates as they become available.  


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