How many amps does the SV3 controller require and work with my spa?

The heaters in our controllers are variable, and alter their kW output based on the residual current that remains after pump loads have been measured to stay within the recommended 32A current limit of the spa.

  • The variable heater operation is automatic. The controller has an inbuilt current meter so is aware of the power draw of the spa at all times.
  • If no jet pumps or blower is operating the full 25A can be provided to the heater.
  • If any of the pumps/blower are operating the controller measures the current draw from those devices and then determines how much residual current is left to provide to the heater.
  • This ensures the current limit of the power circuit is never exceeded.
  •  If the spa is fitted with a heat pump (to be used instead of the electric heater), the heat pump will load shed off when multiple pumps are running to keep within the 32A limit.
  •  The ratings label on our SV controllers state the maximum amperage power circuit that the controller supports.
  • For our safety approvals we must define the maximum current that can be used.
  • However there are many different pump configurations that can be connected to our controllers.
  • The equipment connected to our SV controllers really determines the size of the power circuit required.
  • That is why each spa must have its own ratings label which defines the required power circuit, based on the equipment that has been installed on that particular spa.


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