How can I increase the heat up time on my SV mini controller?

If you are starting your spa for the first time or refilling and wanting to heat the spa water faster, you can preform a reset of the touchpad. This reset will disable all settings including filtration and concentrate on heating only.

Special note: The reset will put the spa back to its factory settings so you may need to adjust any settings you have added previously.

Please see below instructions on how to perform the reset:

To access the OEM (reset) config menu on a SV Mini 1 press and hold the hidden buttons (shown by the red dotted circles aside) simultaneously until display shows L.SHD.

For SV Mini 2 press and hold the PUMP C + BLOWER buttons simultaneously until display shows L.SHD.

- Use the UP or DOWN buttons to navigate through the configuration menu items
- Press the OK button to enter setting adjustment
- Press the UP or DOWN buttons to adjust setting
- Press the OK button to confirm and save the setting adjustment


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