What can cause itchy skin and eye irritation?

Listed below are a number of issues that can cause skin and eye irritations:

  • Over sanitizing
  • Low or high pH levels
  • Poor quality sanitizer
  • Bacterial infection caused by under sanitising spa water

Note: Please make sure you are following the dosing instruction on the back of the container. You could be under or overdosing your spa by using a 'Cap Full' or 'Tablespoon'. If these are the correct dose then you are fine but the dosing instructions stipulate the grams or milliliters of sanitiser per thousand litres so each spa is different.

Readings of 7.2 - 7.8 pH are ideal for spas. If your reading is below 7.2 pH then your water is acidic and you need to add a pH increaser or Alkalinity increaser which will raise the pH and Total Alkalinity. If your spa water pH reading is above 7.8 pH then it is alkaline and needs a pH Decrease.

If the water is less than three months old and in good condition, a non-chlorine spa shock can be used. The shock will burn off the excess Chloramines. You will want to add sanitizer back to the spa after this. It is important to note that in rare cases people can develop Chlorine allergies or have other skin conditions that are triggered by Chlorine. If this is the case we recommend the use of a Chlorine-Free sanitizer using Hydrogen Peroxide such as Poppits or Spa Protector.

If you discover a bacterial skin infection from the water, please follow the steps below:
  • Drain your spa, before draining run a heavy duty pipe degreaser through your plumbing.
  • Wipe down spa shell and spa cover inner side with Biocide.
  • Remove spa jets and headrests and clean with white vinegar or Biocide and leave out in sun to dry. 
  • Air out pipework after draining spa.
  • Discard of filters and replace with new ones after refilling spa.
  • Ensure you know how much sanistier you should be dosing and that you are using correctly.
  • When using a Chlorine based sanitiser, Chloramines (The byproduct of the chlorine activating) can build up in the water and in rare cases, these can cause skin and eye irritation.


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