How do I safely remove jets from my spa?

How to remove your spa jets:

Spa jets have two main components, the jet body and the jet face. The jet body sits in behind the acrylic and makes the seal. The jet face inserts into the jet body. Each spa jet face has a particular jet body that it fits into.

There are a few different ways spa jets are remove from the jet bodies.

Screw - the jet barrel is simply screwed into place and unscrewed for removal / replacement.

Catch - a few different styles - most push in, but require the use of a screwdriver or other implement to release the catch. The jet face is then pulled from the jet body. Most have one catch, however there are a few that have two catches requiring a lot of patience or a second person to assist. The catch which needs to be disengaged is usually located in a visible position on the inside of the outer part of the jet face, others are more difficult to locate down inside the jet.

Twist Lock - many modern jet faces use this method - these jet faces are inserted by pushing and twisting into position. To remove, twist the jet face anti-clockwise to its limit and then one last effort to twist past this point - a click can be felt or heard and the jet face can be extracted by pulling it out.

Press Fit - A spring loaded ridge holds the jet face in place. To extract it, lever the jet face outwards until it pops out.

Caution: Some jet faces form the spa jet wall seal and removing it will break the seal to the spa shell.

Note: If you are not sure, please email a digital image of the jet in question before attempting to remove it.

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