How do I set the sleep mode on my touchpad?


Please ensure you have set your:

  • Date & Time

  • Set Temperature

  • Mode

  • Your filtration cycle is pre-set

(Please refer to your SV Series User Manual to adjust these settings)


 Sleep Mode:

If you wish to run your spa during certain times of the day (eg: solar power, avoid peak power times)

Hold down the Up & Down arrow

Press the arrow Up until you get to SNZE

Press SNZE the OK

Arrow down until you see 1.SNZ press OK

Day - arrow down or up to set the days of the week you want the sleep timer to run the press OK

BGN- time you want sleep timer to start then press OK

END- time you want to finish your sleep time

Then press OK to save


Note: Please refer to page 24 of the SV series user guide attached) During the sleep time your filtration and heating is disabled.


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