Arcadia Spas Pre-delivery Guide

This article is designed to provide all the information you need to ensure the smooth delivery and installation of your Arcadia spa. 

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Things to consider before your spa is delivered.

Your spa needs a solid, flat, level foundation, with adequate drainage. It must be positioned to allow for adequate service access on all sides and of course, to take in the best view.

Recommended foundation or base.

If the foundation is inadequate, it may shift or settle after the spa is in place, causing stress to the shell and cabinet, and voiding the warranty. Your spa will weigh anything between 1200kg and 2500kg (that’s between 1.2 and 2.5 tonnes, about the same weight as an average family car or 4x4). Swim spas can weigh up to 7 tonnes. We therefore recommend the following surfaces:

1) 100mm thick reinforced concrete pad

2) A deck built to Australian building standards. In the case of a swim spa, a qualified engineer should certify the deck. Please consult your products spec sheet for weights which can be found at


Make sure that if the spa or swim spa is to be positioned near a slope, dip, trough or below ground level, there is adequate drainage for any ground water to run off. In this instance we recommend a land drain around the four sides of the spa. Damage caused by flooding is not covered under warranty.

Service access.

If you are building a deck around the tub, sinking it slightly, or placing it against a wall, ensure easy access is provided to the service panel. This is almost always located on the same side of the spa as the touch pad. You must ensure that it is possible to drain the spa and move it to gain access to the other three sides if next to a wall or other object. (Access for spa repair is the customers responsibility).

Positioning your spa.

Proper planning will enhance the enjoyment of your spa experience and protect your privacy. Do you need quick and easy access? If so, placing spas close to the house or changing room is ideal. Perhaps you want extra privacy by adding a gazebo? Do you have a view to admire from the spa? If so, consider how the spa can be best rotated so the seating faces the view without obstructing the service panel.



Sinking your spa into the ground or decking around it.

Decking can create a stunning visual effect, and by stepping down into your spa or swim spa, you benefit from added privacy and easier access. However, you need to allow for service access to your spa on all sides.


Allowing for service access to your spa or swim spa.

All spas and swim spas require access to the service panel. If the spa cannot be moved freely (i.e. it is sunk in a pit or surrounded by decking) sufficient access is needed for our engineers to service your spa. We recommend you allow at least 600mm clearance on all four sides for spas and 900mm for swim spas. If you are decking around the spa or swim spa, we strongly advise that you do this after the item has been delivered. Swim spas cannot be moved without a crane, so it is important that they are spaced at least 900mm from any buildings, fences or retaining walls to ensure sufficient access to all panels. When decking around your new pool, we advise that you place upright supports at regular intervals around the spa, set back 600mm, then cantilever the joists so that the deck is self-supporting around the spa. This way our engineers can access any service panels if required.


IF you are planning to do this, we strongly advise that you read on. If this is not done properly it can be the equivalent of welding your car bonnet shut!  



Spa delivery.

Standard deliveries.

Any local delivery charges that have been included in the sale are for a standard delivery with one person and a trolley. If the spa can be put into place with that one person using only a trolley then there will be no extra charges. If the delivery person arrives, and the spa cannot be put into place using a trolley and one person, the delivery person will require extra assistance from you or will discuss with you the best option for getting the spa into position.


Access requirements.

Your sales person should have discussed access requirements with you when you purchased your spa. In additional to the dimensions of the spa, you need to allow 300mm for the height of a trolley. For example, if your spa is 2350 x 2350 x 930mm and is to go on its side to the position, you must allow 2650mm in height and at least 1 metre in width when measuring. If it needs to turn corners they have to allow for the width and also the length.


Deliveries requiring a crane.

If access is difficult, a crane may be required. Cranes are not as expensive as you might think and provide an easy solution for getting spas and swim spas into tight spots. A swim spa will almost always require a crane. In some situations, if the delivery truck has a hiab crane, this can be used for a small additional cost, preventing the need to hire a crane. Your crane company will always visit your property to assess any potential access problems and to ensure that the intended site is within safe reach. If you do not have a crane company selected, our sales staff can make some recommendations. While spas can often be lifted without spreader bars, this is at the discretion of the crane company and we insist that they are used for lifting swim spas. It is the sole responsibility of the crane company to ensure that the spa is moved without damage, and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are suitably insured for damage occurring to either your spa or your property. We can not and will not be held responsible for any damage to persons or property while the product is in the air, or while the crane is operating.



Electrical installation.


In the comments section of your invoice, the salesperson should have noted the amount of amps that your spa requires to operate. If you cannot see this note, please call your salesperson as soon as possible. This information is what you need to provide to your electrician for them to quote correctly. Please only use a qualified electrician who will be able to recommend the safest and most efficient installation method.

10 and 15 amp spas.

Spas that are listed as 10 or 15 amps will require an outdoor waterproof power point with an earth leakage protection device (unless there is one already fitted to your switch board). There is a power lead on these spas that is approximately 3 metres long and located under the touch pad. This means for the cord to reach the power point you need to position the touch pad side of
the spa to within 2m of the power point. (Please check with your electrician but in most cases you cannot have the power point closer than 1m to the spa for safety reasons).


Spas requiring 32 amps or more.

If your spa is 32 amps or more, it will need to be hard wired by your electrician. This typically means that your electrician is required to make two trips: the first to do initial connection work and the second to connect the wires after delivery and before handover. We recommend that you arrange for an electrician to come out after the spa delivery date in case of delays with delivery


Wire placement.

Electrical connections for your spa are typically found under the touch pad of your spa.

10 and 15 amp systems.

To provide maximum flexibility, the spa cabinet is not pre-drilled to allow the power cord to be run out of the cabinet. Therefore, a 60mm hole should be drilled in the appropriate position. A special transition cap is provided to tidy the hole and this will be found with the spa’s instruction manual.

Spas requiring 32 amps or more.

When hard wiring the spa, the electrician will typically drill a hole in the cabinet and run conduit to connect the spa electrics. Please discuss where you would like this hole drilled with your electrician. Alternatively, if you are preparing a new base for your spa or installing onto a deck and would like to conceal the power, please follow these instructions: Mark out where your spa will sit on the base with the correct dimensions. Then measure in 300mm from the corner where you want the power to come from. You can have your electrician run conduit before the base is prepared so that when the spa is delivered the power will come from underneath the spa and be concealed. When the delivery driver arrives you will need to advise them of the power location and that they will need to prepare a hole in the base to accommodate the cable. (As every spa is different we cannot guarantee that every spa will accept this method of installation).



Running costs.

Running costs for spas are impossible to predict accurately! There are a considerable amount of factors that will affect the cost of running your spa, such as:

• Volume of water
• Set temperature
• Ambient temperature (the temperature where
your spa is placed)
• Location of spa (sheltered or exposed to the elements)
• Amount of pumps
• Usage of spa
• Insulation of spa
• Filtration setting
• Local electricity rates
• Spa usage during peak or off peak electricity rates

The list goes on, and as you can see it is a complicated subject. There are ways to manage the running costs of your spa, so please do not hesitate to contact our customer service line for advice.


Heating time.

The heating time of your spa is also impossible to predict. Just like running costs there are many variables to consider, such as:

• Volume of water
• Heater element size
• Pool and ambient temperature

As a guideline, we can estimate that a standard spa pool of 1500 liters with a 3kw heater element, will increase in temperature between 1-2 degrees per hour (cover on). If you have a larger heater element such as 6kw, you could obtain between 2-4 degrees per hour. Heat pumps can significantly decrease heating time and reduce power consumption, however, your heat time will always be relevant to the volume of water and power available to heat the water



Heat pump connection instructions (if purchased).

1. Turn off spa and close shut off valves to the circulation pump and controller. (Marked 1 on the diagram).

2. Consult the Spa Net installation guide to connect power and control wire.

3. Remove existing plumbing between circulation pump and SV controller. (Marked 2 on the diagram)

4. Fit the new 40mm circulation pump union supplied and point it in the direction where the heat pump  will be located.

5. Cut holes into the cabinet where the pipe will run into the heat pump, be sure cut the holes at a height that allows the pipes to remain even and supported on the cabinet.

6. Run 40mm pipe form the circulation pump to the inlet of the heat pump

7. From the outlet of the heat pump, run 40mm pipe to the inlet of the SV controller using the supplied union to make new the connection.

NOTE: You must use PVC hard pipe on the outside of the spa, flexible pipe may only be used internally. 

8. Open the shut off valves. (Marked 1 on the diagram).

9. Undo the top outlet on the heat pump to bleed air out of the system.

10. Close it once water comes out and then switch on the spa.

11. Make sure the circulation pump is flowing and is free of any air locks


Parts supplied:

• 1x circulation pump barrel union.
• 1x 40mm 90 Degree Street elbow.
• 1x SV barrel union.

Tools and parts required:

• 40mm or larger hole saw
• PVC Pipe Glue
• Hacksaw
• 40mm hard pipe

(The amount of pipe or fittings required will depend on your installation)

(Standard paper cartridge filters are recommended when a heat pump is fitted).




Delivery notification and spa handover (if required).

Please follow the instructions below to allow your spa delivery and handover to be as smooth as possible.

Taking delivery of your spa.

When your spa arrives, our delivery team will be notified and they will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date and time. The delivery team’s duty is to deliver the spa to your pre-arranged location. Once in place, they will remove the wrapping and secure the hardcover to the spa. Lastly,
they will open the front access panel and tighten the barrel unions. Be sure to give clear instructions of where your spa is to be located. Our delivery team will make one drop off. If they are required to come back to re position the spa for any reason other than through fault of their own, an additional delivery fee will be charged. Once the spa is in position, please sign to verify that you have received your spa.


Balance of payment.

Balance of payment must be made by direct deposit before delivery can take place. If you are not ready for delivery, we will hold the spa for up to one month upon notification of arrival. After that, 80% of the Contract Price must be paid and a storage fee of $10 per week will apply. Payment can be made by cheque, credit card, cash, or direct deposit. Payments by credit card will incur a 1.5% credit card levy


Depot pick up

If you have chosen to collect your spa from our nearest depot, please ensure that you thoroughly check for damage before signing for the spa. If damage is noticed after collection, we cannot guarantee that the freight company will take responsibility for this damage.


What’s next?

IMPORTANT: Before filling your spa, please read the instructions carefully. Most importantly, please ensure that all barrel unions on either side of the pumps and heater are securely tightened. Once your electrician has hooked up the power for your spa, you are ready to fill it. Fill the spa to a level that is 7 inches (18cm) from the top edge of the unit In the unlikely event you notice any water coming from the spa, please stop filling it and contact us immediately. For a complete set of operating instructions, please refer to the information pack that will arrive with the spa. An online copy of our instructional video can be found at 


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