Regular Chemical Maintenance Guide (Australia)

Daily Maintenance:

  • Dose spa with Bio Guard Armour. 6 grams per 1000 liters = 1 teaspoon Ensure the cover is off and the pump running.

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Test the water using a test strip – follow instructions on container. Compare the wet test strip to the back of the test strip container.

If you are following daily dosage instructions, you can disregard the FCL reading on the test strips. Test strips should be used for pH, alkalinity and Total Hardness. Santiser level (Bromine or Chlorine) should be maintained using the dosing instructions on the container, not the test strips.

Note: Adjust pH, alkalinity and total hardness as per step 5 in the quick start guide.


Monthly Maintenance:

  • Remove and clean your pleated cartridge filters using the included Cartridge Cleaner by following the instructions on the container.
Note: Vortex Purezone Filters are disposable and cannot be cleaned.


4 - 6 monthly Maintenance:

Depending on your spa usage replace the water in your portable spa (swim spa water should be changed once a year), by following these instructions:

  • Add Pipe Degreaser to your spa following the included pipe degreaser treatment instructions on the container.
  • Drain your spa by following the draining procedure in your user guide.
  • Restart by following the quick start up guide on the reverse.
Note: If using Vortex Purezone filters, they should be replaced every 3-5 months regardless of whether you have a portable spa or a swim spa.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Follow dosage and safety instructions on the container. The use of poor quality chemicals can lead to poor water quality which results in issues not covered by your spas warranty. We recommend using BioGuard products only. Using other products can impact your warranty.

All parts and chemicals are available from

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