How do I set up my new vortex spa pool?

 Power Supply and Water:

  • Connect spa to power supply. (Do not turn power on)

  • Fill spa with water through the filter box, point hose down the primary filter hole (left filter hole when standing outside spa)

NOTE: Do not use the highest water pressure when using a hose, as this could cause an air lock in pipe work.


  • When the spa is filled with water, submerge filters in water until air bubbles have subsided  and place filters back into filter box compartment.

  • Turn on power to spa.

  • Set up touch-pad.


Touch-pad Basic Set Up:

Set date, time, month and year instructions below:

Set Spa Temperature:


Heating and Filtration Modes:

Your spa will already be set to NORM mode, we recommend this mode unless you are only looking to use your spa on the weekends.

WEEK Mode:

Your daily filtration time and cycle blocks are pre-set to 4 hours a day for both portable and swim spas.

Recommended daily filtration for a portable spa is between 4-8 hours depending on usage. (8 hours if you use the spa constantly)

Recommended daily filtration for a swim spa is between 12-16 hours depending on usage. (16 hours if you use the spa constantly)

To change your daily filtration time or cycles please refer to page 21 of the SpaNet SV Series User Manual.

Please click How do I set up my SpaNet touch-pad? for our video on touch-pad settings.

Quick heat up option for your new spas first heat up, please follow the steps below:

  •  Turn off your spa at main power.
  • Turn spa back on and leave the touch-pad (do not change any settings).

  • Initial temperature reading will show 20 degrees then the spa will heat up 1 degree per hour (depending on water volume, ambient temperature and heater size).

  • Once the spa has met your set temperature the normal settings will show. 


Below is a list of items that you will receive in the chemical start up kit.

Spa Chemicals:

  • Please following dosing instructions on the label grams per 1000 litres, mix the sanitizer in a bucket with some spa water before pouring into spa.
  • Press the clean cycle   this will run for 20 minutes.

  • Once the clean cycle has finished, you can use your new spa!!!!

Water Testing:

Test water with test strips the following day, only test water for PH, Total Alkalinity and Total Hardness.

If you have a low reading for PH or Alkalinity use  BioGuard Performance Up.

NOTE: Please refer to the Chemical Quick Start Up Guide for instruction on balancing water, using chemicals and maintaining your spa.

For instructions on installation,operating and maintaining your Vortex Spa, please review the video below.




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