How do I choose the right spa?

Here are some questions to consider when looking to purchase a spa pool:

Where will my spa be located? (How much space do I have available)

Our spa pools are designed in a number of different sizes and shapes to suite a large range of spaces. You may want to position your spa close to your home and or doorways for easy access.

How many people will you share your spa pool with?

Do you regulary entertain friends and family or are you looking for rest and relaxation time?

Do you want the spa to help relieve muscle tension and injuries?

Things to consider:

  • Jet location.

  • Type of jets and there function.

  • Which key areas of the body do you want to target.

  • Seat location and position.


How much have I budgeted for a spa pool?

Once you have determined the size and features you want in your spa, we have a range brands and designs depending your budget. We also offer a range of finance options, to discuss finance and more information on our range, please contact your local sales agent

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