How do I set up my SpaNet touchpad?




Once you have filled your spa with water and have a power supply, please follow the below steps to set up your touch pad.

Set Temperature by operating your Up or Down arrow (press OK when you have reached your chosen temperature)

Set your Date & Time by pressing the down arrow until you get to time mode, press OK and follow the steps to set your times and date (refer to page 10 of the SV series guide)

Your MODE will be pre-set to NORM.

If you wish to change please refer to page 12 of the SV series user guide.


Weekly Mode:

If you wish to use your spa from Friday to Sunday only, you can choose the WEEK Mode, this means your spa will run 1 hour of filtration Monday - Thursday and Normal operation Friday - Sunday.

Hold down the Up & Down arrow

Press MODE then OK

Arrow down to WEEK press OK


Sleep Mode:

If you wish to run your spa during certain times of the day (eg: solar power, avoid peak power times)

Hold down the Up & Down arrow

Press the arrow Up until you get to SNZE

Press SNZE the OK

Arrow down until you see 1.SNZ press OK

Day - arrow down or up to set the days of the week you want the sleep timer to run the press OK

BGN- time you want sleep timer to start then press OK

END- time you want to finish your sleep time

Then press OK to save

NOTE: During the sleep time your filtration and heating is disabled. For further information please refer to the SV Series User Manual.

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