What is the warranty period on your spa covers?

Your Spa Cover is warranted for a period of 1 x Year from the date of delivery. This warranty applies only to the structural integrity of the cover and the vinyl.
Damage caused to stitching, straps or locks due to improper use of the cover will not be covered under warranty

Spa covers are typically damaged in the following ways:

  1. Cover not secured correctly with all clips locked down. In this case, a gust of wind can get under the cover and apply too much pressure to the straps securing the cover to the cabinet and cause a tear of the stitching or broken clips.

  2. Spa cover has been lifted without the locks being unlocked. This will cause the stitching to tear at either the handle, or the securing strap.

  3. Cover being lifted of the spa using the side flaps on the cover. You must only lift the cover using the handles provided.

  4. Exposure to direct sunlight on the Velcro will cause the Velcro to deteriorate and become un-usable, please make sure that the vinyl flap is secured correctly and covering the Velcro to prevent issues.

If you are having troubles removing or lifting your hardcover, please talk to your local dealer about one of our convenient ezy spa cover lifters, or visit www.spastore.com.au.

Why your Spa Cover is Vitally Important: After proper sanitization and water balance, your spa cover is the single most critical piece of equipment to keep your spa water clean and your energy bill at a reasonable level. Saving money on heating costs means properly insulating your tub. This is what good insulating spa will do. Heat rises and just like in your home, most heat loss in a spa goes directly up. By sitting just above the steaming water, a well-made spa cover provides proper insulation to help trap the heat inside.

Spa Hardcover Cleaning & Maintenance:
Cleaning of your spa cover is an important part of routine spa maintenance. Dirt acts as an abrasive to the vinyl’s topcoat and can cause wear to folds, seams, and stitching. Mildew, which grows on damp, dirty vinyl, will begin to actually take root in the fabric, accelerating failure.

Routine cleaning, prior to application of vinyl protectant:
• Rinse with cool water using a garden hose
• Spray with a gentle cleaner (such as car wash) and wipe clean. Never use laundry detergent, abrasives, bleach, alcohols, dish soaps or harsh cleaners. These products can actually remove some of the topcoat and cause premature vinyl failure.
• Tree sap can be removed by rubbing with a little vegetable oil or margarine.
• For stubborn dirt, use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth
• Rinse again thoroughly with water and allow to dry.
• Repeat monthly, or as needed. Applying UV Protectant: (303 Protectant) .After cleaning cover, spray a light coating of UV Protectant on top and cover apron.  Spread evenly with a damp cloth. Repeat procedure on underside of your cover. This will help prevent the formation of mildew. Repeat monthly in summer... every 3 to 4 months the rest of the year.

NOTE: Damaged caused to stitching, straps or locks due to improper use of the cover will not be covered under warranty.


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