How do I maintain my vortex spa pumps?

Please follow the steps below when maintaining your spa pumps:

  • Check the pumps every four (4) months for signs of leaking or corrosion. Any sign of leaking or calcium build up at the bottom of the pump between the plastic wet end and metal part of the motor indicates that the seals of your pumps are worn and need replacing.

  • It is recommended that you contact your local spa dealer to arrange a service of your pump before the motor develops further problems.

  • Pump seal corrosion and wear is generally caused by incorrect pH and alkalinity levels within the spa, or heavy use /excessive dosage of sanitisers such as Chlorine or Bromine. In order to avoid problems, please follow the water chemistry instructions provided to you by your dealer.

  • Barrels unions are the connections between the pumps and heater and the plumbing of the spa. They are used to enable easy removal of the spa equipment in the event of servicing. However over time with vibration from pumps and water flow, and ageing of o-ring seals, it is possible for the unions to work loose. If they become loose, this can cause water loss. It is important to check the tightness of these unions periodically. The unions are designed to be re tightened by hand. Rotate the locking nut clockwise to tighten.

NOTE: If you see water escaping from beneath your spa, the barrel unions should be the first thing you check. LEAKS FROM BARREL UNIONS ARE NOT COVERED BY THE SPA’S WARRANTY.

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