What are the safety guidelines for setting up my new spa?

When installing and using this electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following:


  1. WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury, do not permit children to use this product unless they are closely supervised at all times. KEEP SPA COVER LOCKED WHEN NOT IN USE.
  2. THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE INSTALLED BY A QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN. All electrical connections must be performed by a licensed electrician and must conform to all national, state and local electrical codes in effect at the time of installation.
  3. The appliance must be connected to a suitably rated and weather protected power supply.
  4. The supply line should be a dedicated power circuit and means for disconnection must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in accordance with your local wiring regulations.
  5. Means for disconnection from the supply mains should have a contact separation in all poles that provide full disconnection under over voltage category III conditions.
  6. The appliance should be supplied through a residual current device (RCD) having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA.
  7. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
  8. The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons unless they have been adequately supervised by a responsible person to ensure they can use the appliance safely.
  9. Young children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
  10. In order to avoid the possibility of hyperthermia (heat stress) occurring it is recommended that the average temperature of the spa pool water should not exceed 40oC.
  11. The control box, heater, pumps and other electrical items should only be serviced by a qualified spa service technician.
  12. Do not operate electrical appliances within 1.5m of the spa.

Note: It is the owner’s responsibility to display all required safety notices within view of the spa.

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