How much clearance should I leave to put decking around my spa?

We recommend you allow at least 600mm clearance on all four sides for portable spas and 900mm for swim spas.

If you are decking around the spa or swim spa, we strongly advise that you do this after the item has been delivered. Swim spas cannot be moved without a crane, so it is important that they are spaced at least 900mm from any buildings, fences or retaining walls to ensure sufficient access to all panels.

When decking around your new pool, we advise that you place upright supports at regular intervals around the spa, set back 600mm, then cantilever the joists so that the deck is self-supporting around the spa. This way our engineers can access any service panels if required.

Allow clearance for your lockable cover. The lockable cover requires a clearance of 100mm from the top of the spa to the lock fittings to lock correctly.

Please refer to page 4 of the Pre-Delivery Guide for an example picture for decking around the spa.


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