How are your spas made?

Spa World has been Australia’s leading supplier of spas for many years. With history comes experience and we believe that we know what goes into making a great spa.

We use this experience to ensure that every spa we sell, meets our own stringent standards. By working closely with our suppliers, we can guarantee that they design and produce the best possible product, from our economy range, right through to our flagship models.

Spa shells are formed by heating a flat sheet of coloured acrylic in an oven and then drawing it into a spa mold. After forming, the acrylic sheet becomes very thin – in some places less than 1 mm thick. As a result, the acrylic must be strengthened using fiberglass. Because acrylic has a very smooth surface, the first layer of fiberglass must use a special vinyl ester resin, which actually melts itself into the back of the acrylic. If this resin is not used, your spa can delaminate over time. All Spa World spas incorporate vinyl ester resin.

As an additional quality assurance measure, all Spa World spa shells are cured in a temperature and humidity controlled curing oven. If the step is missed, the spa shell may delaminate, even if vinyl ester resin has been used. Most spa companies do not have this technology in their manufacturing process.

To arrange a visit to your local store and see the spas in person, please contact your local Spa World Consultant.

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