How do I hard wire my spa?

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In the comments section of your invoice, the salesperson should have noted the amount of amps that your spa requires to operate. If you cannot see this note, please call your salesperson as soon as possible.
This information is what you need to provide to your electrician for them to quote correctly.
Please only use a qualified electrician who will be able to recommend the safest and most efficient installation method.

Note: Please use a qualified electrician.


10 and 15 amp Spas

Spas that are listed as 10 or 15 amps will require an outdoor waterproof power point with an earth leakage protection device (unless there is one already fitted to your switch board). There is a power lead on these spas
that is approximately 3 metres long and located under the touch pad. This means for the cord to reach the power point you need to position the touch pad side of the spa to within 2m of the power point.
(Please check with your electrician but in most cases you cannot have the power point closer than 1m to the spa for safety reasons).


32 or more amp Spas

Spas requiring 32 amps or more.
If your spa is 32 amps or more, it will need to be hard wired by your electrician. This typically means that your electrician is required to make two trips: the first to do initial connection work and the second to connect the
wires after delivery and before handover.
We recommend that you arrange for an electrician to come out after the spa delivery date in case of delays
with delivery.


Wire Placement

Electrical connections for your spa are typically found under the touch pad of your spa.
10 and 15 amp systems.
To provide maximum flexibility, the spa cabinet is not pre-drilled to allow the power cord to be run out of the cabinet. Therefore, a 60mm hole should be drilled in the appropriate position.


Electrical Hard Wiring

When hard wiring the spa, the electrician will typically drill a hole in the cabinet and run conduit to connect the spa electrics. Please discuss where you would like this hole drilled with your electrician. Alternatively, if you are preparing a new base for your spa or installing onto a deck and would like to conceal the power cables, please follow these instructions:

  • Mark out where your spa will sit on the base with the correct dimensions.
  • Then measure in 400 mm from the corner where you want the power to come from.
  • You can have your electrician run conduit before the base is prepared so that when the spa is delivered the power will come from underneath the spa and be concealed.
Note: (As every spa is different we cannot guarantee that every spa will accept this method of installation.)



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