How do I fix cloudy water?

This is a common problem and water needs to be tested regularly to find the cause so you can treat the issue. Please be aware that you may have a combination of the below.

Most common causes of cloudy spa water and solutions:

  • Unbalanced water -  Test water and adjust using the appropriate chemicals

  • Not enough Sanitiser -  Use Spa Shock to increase to the correct level. If you are using BioGuard Armour, then use the Oxidiser dosage.

  • Unusual use – eg. visiting family or excessive bather load -  Shock treat, clean filters, use Spa Clarifier

  • Filter cartridges (not clean)- Clean filter cartridges with filter cartridge cleaner and rinse thoroughly

  • Filtration set up – Check suction, step up filtering to 4 hours/per day

  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels - Dump and refill after using Pipe Degreaser

    Overdosing with calcium hardness - Empty 1/3 of water and refill

  • Not enough calcium in water – Add calcium increaser

  • Pollutants from around the spa – eg: building, plant overhang etc - Use Spa World clarifier

  • Smelly when cover removed –  Clean underside of cover with Pipe Degreaser, rinse and dry in sun.

    NOTE: Please also check the following:

    For hard water – lower pH to 7 and Alkalinity to 80 ppm.

    For tank water – check calcium and phosphate levels.

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