Can I use my normal test strips when using BioGuard Armour?

When using BioGuard Armour you will need to use BioGuard 6 in 1 Test Kit


For use with BioGuard Armour Spa Sanitiser:

  • Total Hardness (ppm)

  • Total Chlorine (ppm)

  • Free Chlorine (Bromine)(ppm)

  • Cyanuric Acid (ppm)

  • Total Alkalinity (ppm)

  • pH

  • Quick result instant spa/pool water test kit

  • Contains 50 test strips per pack

Please always follow the dosing instructions on your BioGuard Armour label and do not use with Hydrogen Peroxide systems, such as Poppits or Spa Protector.

NOTE: Any advice or suggestions above, including but not limited to instructions and dosing rates are intended to be a guide only. Spa Store and its staff recommend you read the full instructions on all chemical containers.We will not accept responsibility for the use of these products.

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