How do I prepare my spa for transport?

 We firmly recommend that you NEVER leave your spa empty for a period of 2 weeks or more, leaving your spa empty can cause damage to the pumps, heater element and shell. In most cases you are better off turning the temperature of your spa down to the minimum setting and maintaining your PH & Alkalinity levels to ensure they stay within recommended readings. If for some reason you need to empty your spa for a period longer than 2 weeks we recommend the following.

1. Empty your spa as per the drainage instructions in the owner’s manual.

2. Once the spa is empty, open the cabinet door to gain access to your controller and all pumps.

3. Undo the barrel unions that connect the plumbing to the spa controller/ heater and pumps. Undoing these unions will allow any excess water in the pipework of the spa to be drained.

Without following this process stagnant water will sit in the pipework and cause damage to the seals in your pumps and your heater element and control sensors. (Damage related to incorrect water chemistry is not covered under the manufacturers warranty)

4. Once the spa pipework is empty of water, carefully re-connect and tighten the unions ensuring that the O-ring seal is seated correctly.

5. Hop into the spa and using a sponge and bucket, soak up any residual water remaining in the spa.

6. At this point it is a good time to clean the water line on the spa if required, you can use a nonabrasive cloth with some mild detergent. (Be sure to rinse any detergent from the spa before re-filling.)

7. Our recommendation is to leave the cover off for a period of time to allow the shell to dry. (As per warning instructions on the shell, do not expose the acrylic shell to direct sunlight for extended periods of time)

8. Once you are satisfied that there is no excessive water in the spa and that it has been cleaned to avoid bacteria growth, you can place the cover on the spa for protection.

NOTE: It is recommended that you lift the cover from time to time over the course of the shut down to allow the spa to breathe.

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