How do I start up my spa after the Winter?

Although we do not recommend leaving your spa empty for long periods of time, usually around this time of year we get a number of calls from people restarting their spas.

Here are a few tips to help you:

1. Clean

Make sure to wipe the inside of your spa down with a soft damp towel to remove any dust and debris that may have settled during the down period.

2. Fill

Remove the filters and fill your spa by putting the hose down the filter pipe. This will eliminate the chance of getting an air lock in the spa plumbing.

If you have a SpaNet controller and experience an airlock, your touch pad display will show an ER-3 or ER-4 .For troubleshooting and instructions on how to bleed an airlock please Click here.

Once your spa is full replace the spa filters (hold filters in water to release air bubbles before placing in skimmer box.)

3. Water treatment for Chlorine Systems

CAUTION: The following are suggestions and not advice. As always make sure to follow chemical safety procedures, the chemical manufacturers instructions and remove your cover while dosing. If you need chemical advice please contact the chemical manufacturer or refer to the chemical information on the label.

4. Test Your Water

Spa pH: the OK range for pH is between: 7.2 - 7.8

Spa Alkalinity: The OK range for Total Alkalinity is between: 80 – 160.

Use your Spa Test Strips to test the pH and Total Alkalinity of your Spa water (read test strip instantly). Do not allow moisture in the strip container.

If the test reading is below the OK range for pH and Total Alkalinity add appropriate quantity of Spa pH decrease and Alkalinity Increaser. 45 grams per 1000 litres of this product will increase total Alkalinity by 25ppm and will increase pH as well. Mix chemical, put into Spa and press the cleaning cycle, circulate for 20 minutes. If the pH and Total Alkalinity is above the OK Range, add Spa World Reducer to reach the OK range.

5. Sanitise your spa

When using BioGuard Armour add 10gms per 1000 Litres and press the cleaning cycle and circulate for 20 minutes. Every day after that add 6-10 grams per 1000L per day as a daily dose even if you don't use the Spa. On the days you do use the spa add sanitiser 20 minutes before you get into the spa.

The free chlorine reading should be between 1-3 on your test strip, you are then safe to swim. Note: This is a guide only – you may have to use more or less. The daily dose above is based on 2 people using the spa 2-3 times per week. More usage requires more chemicals.

If you use Poppits Chlorine free system click here for the Poppits start up guide.

NOTE: Please be advised that many cheap spa chemicals contain a high amount of fillers and a low amount of active ingredient. These chemicals can be detrimental to your spa. We see pump and heater failures weekly from the use of poor chemicals. The use of non-tested chemicals can void the warranty of some spa manufacturers.

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