How do I resolve Error 6 - 10 (ER 6-10) on the SpaNet SV touchpad?

Problem: 12V (port) current draw over 1A limit

Cause: Total 12V current drawn by keypad(s), light(s), expansion ports and in pool temp sensor is excessive, 12V power supply is overloaded, too many LED light bulbs installed, faulty LED light.

Solutions: Turn mains power OFF and restart spa to see if problem reoccurs
Reduce number of LED lights being installed
Systematically unplug lights, in pool temp sensor, keypads and expansion port loads from spa pack (one by one) to identify faulty part.


Problem: Heater relay is on when it should be off

Cause: Power surge, periods of low or high voltage, water on spa pack terminal block, relay problem.

Solutions: Turn mains power OFF and back ON again to see if spa control recovers from ER8 fault
Inspect under spa cabinet for evidence of water leaking onto spa control. If water present, turn mains power OFF and isolate, then
resolve leak, dry up excess water, and allow spa control to dry out before restoring power.


Problem: Mains (230V) current draw above current limit (C.LMT) detected

Cause: Accessory devices current draw is too large for the C.LMT setting,
faulty jet pump or air blower drawing excessive current, current limit (C.LMT) settings are not configured to match circuit breaker rating, load shed (L.SHD) and/or load limit (L.LMT) settings incorrect.

Solutions: Turn mains power OFF and back ON again
Check operation of each pump => attempt to identify problematic pump or blower causing ER10 to occur
Contact your reseller to check controller settings are configured to match available power and circuit breaker rating.

NOTE: If the problem persists please  contact our customer service team via our online chat function.

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