How do I install my heat pump?

  • The heat pump must be installed at least 1.2 metres from the spa pool and no further than 3 metres from the Circulation Pump.

  • Your heat pump must be installed at the same approximate level as the Circulation Pump (at the base of the spa)

  • Heat pump measurements are 955mm wide x 305mm wide x 550mm high.

  • The heat pump is connected to your swim spa with 2 x 40mm plumbing pipes,the heat pump draws power from the spa controller and a data cable. These enter the side of the swim spa via holes that are cut in the swim spas cabinet by the installer.

  • The Airflow recommendation stated in our Pre Delivery Guide is a best practice guide. In some cases you may not have the required space to leave around your heat pump, if a smaller space is used the heat pump may not operate as efficiently.


NOTE: For further installation information please refer to our Pre Delivery Guides

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