How do I set up my new spa?

Before delivery, you should have received our Pre Delivery Guide for Portable Spa and Swim Spa.These guides will step you through installing your new spa.

Spa Instruction manuals and set up guides will be delivered with your new spa, If you would like access to our online manuals please click here.

For instructions on installation,operating and maintaining your Vortex Spa, please review the video below.


Here are some handy tips and helpful guides that will assist you in maintain your spa:

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Test water using test strips (follow test strips instructions on back of test strips)

  • Sanitize your spa based on the dosing instruction on the back of the container (grams per litres)

  • Adjust ph, alkalinity and total hardness depending on your test strip readings.

 Monthly Maintenance:

  • Remove filters, soak pleated filters in filter cartridge cleaner solution.

  • Replace water every 3-5 months on portable spas depending on usage. Swim spa water should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on usage.


Review the video below for setting up you spa touch pad.


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