How do I resolve Error 3 (ER 3) on the SpaNet SV touchpad?


ERROR 3 - WATER PRIME                      

Problem: Water prime failed – air detected in heater tube

Cause: Airlock in pipe work, low water level, dirty filter cartridges and faulty circulation pump.


  • Press Pump A button to retry water prime

  • Check spa water level (refill if necessary)

  • Remove filter cartridges and press Pump A button to retry prime

  • Bleed airlock from pipe work by slightly loosening couplings on front of filtration pump

  • Remove filter cartridges and flush water down pipe work with a hose

  • Take a garden hose and put it in the primary filter hole (if looking over the top of the filter box, it is the one on the left and has PZ marked on the skimmer lid)

  • Turn on the hose full blast for about 1 minute.

  • Remove the hose and turn the spa on

How to bleed an airlock:

  1. Turn mains power OFF and wait 10-15 minutes for element to cool and thermal cut-out device to reset

  2. Find the circulation pump XS-3C (as shown in picture below).

  3. Loosen the barrel union anti clockwise located on the pipe coming from the top of the circulation pump model XS-3C. 

  4. Listen for air escaping and then wait for water to start dribbling out.

  5. Tighten up the barrel union again.

  6. Check all T Junctions are up.

  7. Turn on power to the spa.

  8. Push pump A.

NOTE: If the Error remains present repeat the above 8 steps to the barrel union located on the side of the circulation pump. If you still can't remedy the situation, please contact one of our customer consultant via online chat.



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