Can my spa or swim spa go in the ground?

Yes, however you need to consider the site and consider a number of steps to ensure that your spa will continue to work correctly and be maintained.

Here are some helpful steps:

  • Be sure to have enough space around the swim spa for any access purposes.

  • Ensure that all the controls, pumps, heaters and plumbing can be accessed through the panels under the spa.

  • It is critical that you allow for a drainage pit. A pit measuring 1 metre x 1 metre is adequate. As an example, a 4 metres x 2.3 metres swim spa will need a hole size 5.5 metres x 3.3 metres as a minimum with another 1 metre x 1 metre hole for drainage.

NOTE: We recommend discussing this option with your local Spa World sales agent.


The walls then have to be retained and this can be done with timber, bricks or concrete.


(Optional) If using timber you can use a liquid filler to fill all of the gaps in between the timber and then paint the timber using a black seal waterproof paint. This will stop any seepage into the pit.


Drainage grate needs to be put in place to allow water run into the pit.



The base needs to be concreted. You will need to make sure of your your finished heights are correct so that the spa will finish correctly with the surrounding deck or pavers.



Install a submersible pump into the pit with a waste going to the sewer.



The Swim Spa is now ready to be put into place.



Once the swim spa is in place, you can now start to deck around it making sure that you have a trap door with access to all the pumps and motors.

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