Where do the power cables connect to the spa?

The power cables are connected to the control box. If you have a 10 or 15 amp spa then you will have a 5 meter lead.

If your spa is 32 amps or higher, it will need to be hardwired by an electrician directly into the control box. 

Wire placement for 10 and 15 amp spas

To provide maximum flexibility, the spa cabinet is not pre-drilled to allow for the power cord to be run out of the cabinet. Therefore, a 60 mm hole should be drilled in the appropriate position. On some models, but not all, a special transition cap is provided to tidy the hole and this will be found with the spas instruction manual.

 Spas Requiring 32+ amps

If your spa is 32 amps or more, it will need to be hard wired by an electrician. This typically means that your electrician is required to make two trips; the first to do the initial circuit and connection work and the second to connect the wires after delivery and before the handover.

We recommend that you arrange for the electrician’s second trip to your site be after the spa delivery date in case of delays with the delivery.

If your spa has a SpaNet controller it can be used with single, two or three-phase power. The controller is configurable with the change of jumpers.



Maximum Requirement

Minimum Requirement

 Total Required

Single Zone Plunge Models

15 amps 15 amps 15 amps

Single Zone Pro Models

32 amps 32 amps 32 amps

Single Zone Extreme Models

45 amps 45 amps 45 amps

Hydrozone Pro Models

32 amps +

15 amps

32 amps +

15 amps

45 amps

Hydrozone Extreme models

45 amps +

15 amps

45 amps +

15 amps

60 amps


NOTE: The above assumes that an optional heat pump is fitted. All Dual Zone swim spas have 2 separate controllers and require individual electrical connections.


Wire placement for 32+ amp spas

When hard-wiring the spa, the electrician will typically drill a hole in the cabinet and run
conduit to connect the spa electrics. Please discuss where you would like this hole drilled
with your electrician.

Alternatively, if you are preparing a new base for your spa or installing onto a deck and would like to conceal the power, please follow these instructions:

Mark out where your spa will sit on the base 

You can have your electrician run conduit before the base is prepared so that when the spa is delivered the power will come from underneath the spa and be concealed.

Single zone Swim spas require 1 connection
Dual Zone Spas require 2 separate connections as each zone is operated by individual controllers. Eg. 15amps to the spa zone + 32amps to the Swim zone. Each zone must be on a separate circuit. It is not legal to split the power cable from 1 circuit to the 2 zones.

As every spa is different we cannot guarantee that every spa will accept this method of installation and you must refer to the tech pack for your spa.

If you have questions, please contact your sales person or start a live chat with our friendly support agents


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