Delivery Trolley

Any local delivery charge that has been included in the sale are for Spa World’s standard delivery with two people and a trolley. If the spa can be put into place with two people using only a trolley then there will be no extra charges.

If the delivery team arrives, and the spa cannot be put into place as described above, the delivery team will discuss options with you that may incur extra charges.

Deliveries to areas outside of the metropolitan areas may be completed by general carriers who will only deliver your spa to the kerb. If this is the case with your delivery, you will be responsible for arranging to have the spa moved into position.

Delivery access requirements

Your salesperson should have discussed access requirements with you when you purchased your spa. In addition to the dimensions of the spa, you need to allow 300 mm of height for the trolley.

For example, if your spa is 2350 X 2350 X 930 mm and is to go on its side to the place where you want it, you must allow 2650 mm in height and at least 1-1.2 meters in width when measuring. If it needs to turn corners there must be an allowance for the width and also length.

Please contact your salesperson if you have any questions or concerns regarding delivery.

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